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3M Company


A K Steel Holding Co.

A. O. Smith Electrical Products Co.

A. O. Smith Water Products Co.

A. W. Sperry Instruments Inc.

AAF International Air Filtration Products

Aaliant Fluid Measurement Solutions


Abatement Technologies


ABB Water Meters Inc.


AC Technology Corp.

Accubid Systems Inc.

Accumetric LLC

Acme Engineering & Manufacturing Corp.

Acorn Engineering Co.

ACR Systems Inc.

ACT Inc. Demand Systems




Addison Products Co.

Adrian Steel

Advance Controls Inc.

Advanced Control Technologies Inc.

Advanced Thermal Products

AERCO International Inc.


Aero Environmental Ltd.

Aeroquip Operations A. C. & Refrig.


Aftermarket Specialties, Inc.

Aggreko Inc.

AHR Expo.

Air Balance Inc.

Air Concepts Inc.

Air Kontrol Inc.

Air Locke Dock Seal.

Air Monitor Corp.

Air Pac Inc.

Air Products & Chemicals Inc.

Air Quality Engineering Inc.

Air Sep Corp.

Air-Care DPL Enterprises

Airflow Developments

Airflow Direction

Airflow Systems

Airflow Tech. Products

Airfoil Impellers



Air-Maze Corp.

Airserco Manufacturing

Aisons Corp.

A-J Manufacturing

Ajax Boiler

Akton Assoc. Inc.

Alerton Technologies Inc.



Alliance Plastics

Allied Refrigeration, Inc.

Allied Supply Company, Inc.

Alltemp products

Alnor Instrument Co.

Alphair Ventilation Systems

Amarillo Gear Co.


Ameri Ware Group, Inc.

American Aides.

American Contractors Exchange Inc.

American Coolair Corporation

American Cylinder Co. Inc.

American Gas& Chemica I

American Illuminetics

American LOKRING Corp.

American Machine Works

American Metal Products

American Saw & Manufacturing Co.

American Standard

American Technology Inc.

American Torch Tip Co.

American Warming & Ventilating

Ameron International

Ametek Inc. U. S. Gauge.

Ammark Corp.

Amprobe Instruments

Amtrol Inc.

Analytical Measurements

Andersen 2000 Inc.

Anderson Greenwood and Crosby

Anderson Tube Co. Inc.

Anderson-Snow Corp.

Andover Controls Corp.

Andover Protection Systems Inc.

Anguil Environmental Systems Inc.

Ansimag Inc.

Apex Piping Systems Inc.

Apple Rubber Products Inc.

Applied Flow Technology

Aqua Alert

Aqua-Mist Inc.

Arc Machines Inc.

Arcoaire Heating & Cooling

ARCOM Master Systems

Arcti Chill Inc.

Areo-Power Unitized Fueler Inc.

Armstrong Air Conditioning

Armstrong Insulation Products

Armstrong-Hunt Inc.

Armstrong-Yoshitake Inc.

Arrow United Industries.

Associated Environmental Systems

ATC-Diversified Electronics

ATCO Flexible Ducts

Atlantic Chemical & Equipment Co.

Atlantic Engineering

Atlantic Ultraviolet Corp.

Auer Register Co.

Autodesk Data Publishing

Autodesk, Inc.

Autofrost Refrigerants

Automated Logic Corp.

Automated Service Systems &

Automated Test Labs Inc.

Automatic Filters Inc.

Automatic Switch Co.

Automation Components Inc.

Automation Products Inc.

Avante Technologies.

Avery Dennison

Aztec International


B&K Industries Inc.

Babbitt Steam Specialty Co.

Babcock & Wilcox Power Generation Group

Bacharach Inc.

Baldor Electric Co.

Baltimore Air Coil Co.

Bananza Air Management Systems

Bard Manufacturing

Barnant Co.

Barnes + Jones Inc.

Barry Blower

Bascom-Turner Instruments

Bay-Air Devices Inc.

BBJ Environmental Solutions Inc.

Beaird Industries

Bebco Industries

BEC Controls Corp.

Beckett Corp.

Bel Thermal Units Inc.

Belimo Aircontrols (USA) Inc.

Belimo International

Bell & Gossett

Belmont Metals Inc.

Bemis Manufacturing Co.

Berg Chilling Systems

Berner International Corp.

Bernz O Matic

Bessam-Aire Inc.

Bestweld Inc.

Beswick Engineering

Bettis Corp.

BEX Inc.

BFS Industries Inc.

Bio-Cide International Inc.

Bioclimatic Inc.

Biotest Diagnostics Corp,

Bird-B-Gone Inc.

Birdwell Co.

Blender Products Inc.

Bluegrass Technologies, Inc.

BOC Edwards Vacuum Technology

Bohn Refrigeration Products

Bondcote Corp.

Bootz Plumbingware Co.

Bosch Power Tools.

Boss Products Accumetric LLC

BossAire Inc.

Bradford White Corp.

Bradley Corp.

Bradleys’ Hermetics Inc.

Bramec Corp.

Brasch Manufacturing Co. Inc.

Brass Craft Manufacturing Co.

Brimar Industries Inc.

Bristol Compressors Inc.

Broad U S A Inc.

Broan Manufacturing Co.

Broan-Nutone Group

Bronz-Glow Technologies Inc.

Brooklyn Thermometer Co. Inc.


Bryan Boilers, Bryan Steam Corp.


BTU Heat Inc.

Buffalo Air Handling

Building Automation Products Inc.

Bull Moose Tube Co.

Burkert Fluid Control Systems.

Burnham Corp.

Busch Inc.

BVA Oils B-V Assocs. Inc.


C S I Control Systems International Inc.

C& D Valve Manufacturing Co.

C/F Data Systems Inc.

Cadet Manufacturing Co.

Cai Technologies

Cain Manufacturing Co. Inc.

Cal Tubelndustries

Calgon Carbon Corp.

California Economizer

California Turbo Inc.

Calmac Manufacturing

Cambridge Accusense Inc.

Camco Manufacturing Inc.

Camie-Campbe Il Inc.

Campbell Manufacturing Inc.


Carlisle Coatings & Waterproofing Inc.

Carly S. A.

Carmel Software Corp.

Car-Mon Products Inc.

Carnes Co.

Carotron Inc.

Carr Company

Carrier Corporation

Carver Pump Co.

Cassela/CEL Instruments


CCS Computer Systems

CDC Motors & Ventilators Inc.

CEA Instruments Inc.

Centaurus Systems Inc.

Cephren Inc.

Certain Teed Corp.

Cert-in Software Systems Inc.

CES Group Inc.

CESCO Products

CFC Refimax

Chandler Refrigeration Products

Chelsea Fan & Blower

Chemetrics Inc.

Chemfab Corp.


Chester-Jensen Co. Inc.

Chicago Blower Corp.

Chim-Cap Corp.


Chromalox Emerson Electric Co.

Ci Technologies

Cimetrics Inc.

C-K Co.

Claude Laval Corp.

Clayton Industries.

Clean Burn, Inc


Cleveland Controls.

Climate Control Refrigeration Products

Climatic Control Co.

Climatronics Corp.

Clippard Instrument Laboratory

CMB Industries

CMB Industries.

CMI Northern Blower Inc.

CMP Corp.

CMT Inc.

Coade Engineering Software.

Coastal Computer

Coen Co. Inc.

Coil Co. Inc.

Coilhose Pneumatics.

Colmac Coil Manufacturing Inc.

Colt Group

Columbia Boiler Co.

Columbia Lighting

Columbus Industries Inc.

Combustion Research Corp.


Comfort Maker


Commercial Coils Inc.

Compu-Aire Inc.

Compusource Corp.

Computer Engineering

Computer Process Controls Inc.

Conbraco Industries Inc.


Condar Co.

Conserval Systems Inc.

Consler Filtration Products.

Consolidated Edison Co.

Consolidated Natural Gas Co.

Consolidated Plumbing Industries

Continental Fan Manufacturing Inc.

Continental Industries

Continental Products Inc.

Continental Register Co.


Contractors 2000

Controf Solutions.

Control Instruments Corp.

Control Pak International

Control Resources Inc.

Control Systems International

Control Techniques Drives

Controlled Energy Corp.


Conval Inc.

Convenience Products Industrial

Cool Fog Systems Inc.

Cooper Instrument Corp.

Cooper Tools

Copeland Corporation

Copes-Vulcan Inc.

Cornell Pump Co.

Corrosion Consultants Inc.


Coyote Electronics Inc.

CP Marketing

CPS Products Inc.

CR Magnetics Inc.

Craftech Industries Inc.

Cristal Controls Ltd.


Croll-Reynolds Clean Air Technologies

Crowley Co.



Custom Curb Inc. Brower Industries. Inc.

Customair-T E B A

Cyrco Inc.


Dallas Hermetic

Dalton Electric Heating Co.


Dampney Co. Inc.


Danfoss Building & Comfort Controls

Danfoss Graham

Dantec Measurement Technology Inc.

Data Industrial. Corp.

Data-Basics Inc.

Datacat Inc.

Davis Instruments.

Dayus Register & Grille Inc.

DB Riley


Dean & Wood Ltd.

Dectron Inc.

Deflecto Corp.

Dehumidifier Corp. of America

Delhi Industries Inc.

Delta Control Products Inc.

Delta Controls Inc.

Delta Cooling Towers Inc.

Delta-Therm Corp.

Deltatrak Scientific

Denver Mineral Engineers

Des Champs Laboratories Inc.

DesertAire Corp.

Desiccant Rotors International

Detector Electronics

Detroit Radiant Products Co.


Dexter& Chaney Inc.

DF Fan Services Inc.

DGH Systems


Diversi Tech Corp. Wagner Manufacturing

Diversified Plastics Inc.

Dormont Manufacturing Co.

Double L Group Ltd.

Doucette Industries Inc.

Dow Chemical Co.

Draeger Safety Inc.

Dresser Equipment Group Inc.

Dresser Industries, Inc.

Dresser Instruments

Dri Therm Inc.

Dri-Steem Humidifier Co.

Drives Magazine

Duct SOX Fabric Air Dispersion Products

Ductmate Industries Inc.

Dundas Jafine Inc.

Dunham-Bush, Inc.

Dunkirk Boilers

Duo-Gard Industries Inc.


Durabla Fluid Technology

Duralast Products Corp.

Duro Dyne Corp.

Dwyer Instruments Inc.



E. L. Mustee& Sons Inc.

E. Vernon Hill Inc.

E.H. Price

Eagle Technology Inc.

Eastern Utilities Associates.

Eaton-Williams, CES Group Inc.

ebmlndustries Inc.

Eclipse Inc.

Ecoflex U S A

Ecom America Ltd.

ECONAR Energy Systems Corp.

Edison International Corp.

Edwards Engineering Corp.

EEMax, Inc.

Effikal International

Electric Eel Manufacturing Co. Inc.

Electro Industries

Electro Plastics Inc.

Electromode Electric Heat Dimplex

Electronic Blue Book.

Electronic Specialists Inc.

Electro-Steam Generator Corp.

Eley Assocs. Inc.

Elf-Atochem N. A. Inc.

Elgein Linkoping AB

Elite Software Development Inc.


Elliott Tool Technologies Ltd.

Eltron / Powrmatic

EMCO Flowmeters

Emerson Electric Co. U. S. Electrical Motors.

E-Mon Corp.

Empire Comfort Systems.

EMSE Corp.

Encon Safety Products

Endress & Hauser

Enerco Technical Products Inc.

Enercomp Inc. Micropas4

Energy Conservatory

Energy Control Systems Inc.

Energy Controls International ECI Group LLC

Energy Kinetics Inc.

Energy Online, LCG Consulting

Energy Saving Products Ltd.

Enertel Controls Inc. Res Automatica Ltd.

Enerzone Systems

Engineered Software Inc.

Engineering Measurements Co.

Enmet Corp.

Entergy Corp.


Enviro-Air Control Corp.

Environmental Pool Systems Inc.

Environmental Support Solutions

Environmental Technologies Inc.

Environmental Technology Inc.

Envirotrol Inc.

ERDCO Engineering Corp.

Erikson Air Crane

Essex Fluid Controls

Essman Screw Products Inc.

Estimation Inc.

Eucania International Inc.

Eurotherm Drives Inc.

Everlasting Valve Co.

Everpure, Inc.

EWC Controls Inc.

Excelsior Inc.

Exhausto Inc.

Exothermics Inc.

Extech Instruments Corp.

Extol of Ohio Inc.


F. E. Myers


Fairchild Industrial Products Co.

Famco Fresh Air Manufacturing Co.

Fan America Inc.


Farr Co.

FASCO Industries, Inc.


Federal Process Co.

FES Systems Inc.

Fibrex Corp.

Field Centrix Inc.

Fike Corp.

Fil-Tec Inc.

Filtomat Inc.


Fire Control Instruments

Fireye Inc.

First Choice Tool Co.

Flagship Systems, Inc.

Flanders Filters Inc.

Flanders/CSC Corp.

Flat Plate Inc.

Fleetline Products Ltd.

Flexaust Co. Inc.

Flex-Hose Co. Inc.

Flexmaster U. S. A. Inc.

Flextherm Inc.

Flo Aire Inc.

Flomatic Corp.

Flomerics Inc.

Florida Heat Pump

Flo-Tork Inc.

Flow Controllndustries Inc.

Flow Soft Inc.

Fluid Line Products Inc.


Fluke Corp.


Fostoria Industries Inc.

Foxboro Co.

Franke Inc

Fresh Air Solutions

Frick/York Refrigeration

Frommelt Safety Products

Fuel Efficiency LLC

Fulton Boiler Works Inc.

Fulton Companies


Gamewell Worldwide

Gaska Tape Inc.

GCI Refrigeration Technologies Inc.

GE Lighting

Gellert Company

Gems Sensors Inc.

General Aluminum Supply Corp.

General Analysis Corp.

General Dynamics

General Eastern Instruments.

General Electric Co.

General Filters Inc.

General Pipe Cleaners

General Plastics Manufacturing Co.

General Regulator Inc.

General Sealants Inc.


George Fischer Inc.

Girton Manufacturing Co. Inc.

Glacier Bay

Glas-Co I Apparatus Co.

Glasfloss Industries, Inc.

Glentronics Inc.

GLI International Inc.

Goettl Air Conditioning Inc.

Goldline Controls

Goodway Technologies Corp.

Gordon-Piatt Energy Group.

Governair, C E S Group Inc.

Grafoplast Wiremarkers Inc.

Graham Co.

Graham Corp.

Grasslin Controls Corp.

Grasso Inc.

Greenheck Fan Corp.

Grice Engineering Inc.

Griffin Products Inc.

Grinnell Corp.

Grinnell Fire Protection

Gripnail Corp.

Griswold Controls.


Grove Worldwide.

Grundfos Pumps U. S.

GTS Energy Inc.

Guard TEK Corp.


H&H Tube& Manufacturing Co.

H. B. Fuller Co.

H2 Technologies

Hach Co.

Halco Products

Hale Engineering

Halsey Taylor

Hankison International

Hanna Instruments Inc.

Hansen Corp.

Hansgrohe Inc.

Hanson Tank

Harbridge Inc.


Harman Corp.

Harrington Signal Inc.

Harsco Corp.

Hart & Cooley Inc.


Harwil Corp.

Haws Corp.

Hayward Industrial Products Inc.

Healthway Products.

Heatcraft Inc.

Heatcraft Inc.

Heatcraft Inc.

Heatcraft Inc.

Heatcraft Refrigeration Products

Heat-Fab Inc.

Heatlink U S A Inc.

Heat-Timer Corp.

Heil Heating & Cooling.

Helac Corp.

Heliodyne Inc.

Henderson Engineering Co. Inc.

Hendrickson Bros.

Henry G. Dietz Co. Inc.

Hercules Chemical Co. Inc.

Heresite-Protective Coatings Inc.

Herrmidifier,a Trion Company.

Heyco Products Inc.

Highside Chemicals Inc.

Hilti Inc.


Hitachi Power Tools

Hi-Tech Blowers Inc.

HiTECH Technologies Inc.

Hoffer Flow Controls Inc.


Holz Rubber Co. Inc.

Honeywell Inc.

Honeywell Power Systems.

Honeywell Specialty Chemicals Div.

Horiba Instruments Inc.

Houghton Chemical Corp.

Howden Fan Co.

HP Products Inc.

Hubbell Electric Heater Co.

Hubbell Lighting

Hurst Boiler & Welding Co. Inc.

HVLS Fan Co.

Hydro Tek Systems Inc.

Hydro-Air Components Inc.

Hydro-Craft Inc.

Hydrosil International Ltd.

Hygrometrix Inc.


ICEM Technologies


Icor International Inc.

ICP Commercial

IMI Air Conditioning ltd.


IMR Environmental Equipment Inc.

Imtek Environmental Corp.

Incon Lighting Products


Independent Energy Inc.

Indoor Environmental Solutions

Industrial Acoustics Co.

Industrial Noise Control Inc.

Industrial Specialities Manufacturing

Innergytech Inc.

Innovative Moving Systems Inc.

Inovonics Wireless

Insituform Technologies, Inc.

Intac International Inc.

INTEC Controls, Inc.

International Comfort Products

International Comfort Products Corp.

International Piping Services Co.

International Protective Coatings Corp.

Interscan Corp.

Intertape Polymer Group

Intertek Testing Services.

Invensys Building Systems.

Invensys Building Systems.

Invensys Unity Sys. Div.

Iowa Precision Industries Inc.




ITI Qualitek

ITT Fluid Handling

ITT Hoffman.

ITT Industries Engineered Valves Div.

ITT Mc Donnell & Miller.

ITW Plexus

ITW Vortec


J F P Technical Services Inc.

J. L. Industries

J. W. Harris Co. Inc.

Jan Fan, Inc.

Jay R. Smith Manufacturing Co.

JCI Klea

John Crane Inc.

John H. Leavey Manufacturing Inc.

Johns Manville Corp.

Johnson Controls, Inc.

Johnson Corp.

Johnson Manufacturing Co.

Johnson Supply.

Johnston Pump Co.

Jordan Controls Inc.

Jordan Valve

Jumo Process Control Inc.


K R S Enterprises Inc.

K T R Corp.

Kathabar Inc.

Katolight Corp.

Kavlico Corp.

KE Fibertec North America

Keelndl. Products

Kees Inc.

Keller Products

Keltech Inc.

Kepner Products Co.

Kewaunee Scientific Corp.

Keystone Filter


Kimberly-Clark Nonwoven Fabrics

Kinetics Noise Control Inc.


Kirk & Blum Component Parts Div.


Klenk Industries Inc.

KLS Training Corp.

KMC Controls

Knaack Manufacturing Co.

Knauf Fiber Glass.

Koboldlnst. Inc.


Kohler Co.


Komax Systems Inc.

Kozy Kollar Manufacturing Inc.

Krack Corp.

Kraissl Co. Inc.

Krautkramer Branson

Krystil Klear Filtration

Kurz Instruments Inc.

Kwikool Portable Cooling Systems.


L. J. Star Inc.

L. J. Wing

Labconco Corp.

LA-CO Industries Inc.

Laing Thermotech Inc.

Lake Air International Inc.

Lakewood Instruments

Lakos Separators

LaMotte Co.

Landis & Staefa Inc.

Landis Branch Network.

Larkin Refrigeration Products

Larox Inc.

Lau Blower

Lawler Manufacturing Co. Inc.

Leader Industries Inc.

Lenan Corp.

Lennox Industries Inc.

Leonard Valve Co.

Leslie Controls, Inc.


Leybold Vacuum Products Inc.

Liberty Pumps Inc.

Liburdi Dimetrics Corp.

Liebert Corp.

Life Source Water Systems.


Lightstat Inc.

Lincoln Electric Motor Div.

Linear Laboratories.

Linric Company

Lintern Corp.

Lion Machinery Inc.

Liquid Process Systems Inc.


Lithonia Lighting

Little Giant Pump Co.

Litton Poly-Scientific

Lochinvar Corp.

Long-Lok Fasteners Corp.

lonstick Water Treatment Products

Lord Corp. Mechanical Products Div.

Loren Cook Co.

Louisiana-Pacific Corp.

Louvers & Dampers.

Low Humidity Systems Inc.

LP International Inc.

LPI Lift Systems

LRC Coil Co.

LSP Products Group.

LTV Steel Tubular Products Co.

Lucas-Milhaupt Inc.

Lumenite Control Technology Inc.

Luwa Bahnson Inc.

Lydall Inc.

Lytron Inc.


M. K. Morse Co.

MAC Equipment Inc.

Macurco Inc.

Madden Manufacturing Inc.


Magnatrol Valve Corp.

MagneTek Inc.

Magnetic Analysis Corp.

Magnetrol International

Mainstream Engineering

Mainstream Engineering Corp.

Maio Marketing Inc. An A R S Co.

Malco Tools

Mammoth Inc.

Mammoth, C E S Group Inc.

Manchester Tank & Equipment Co.

Manitowoc Co., Inc.

Manitowoc Ice Inc.

Manning Systems Inc.

Mansfield Plumbing Products Inc.

Marathon Electric Manufacturing Corp.

Marathon Industries Inc.

Marathon Special Products

Marc Climatic Controls

Marking Services Inc.

Marley Electric Heating

Mars Air Doors

Marsh Bellofram Precision Control


Mason Industries Inc.


Mastercool Inc.

Matco-Norca Inc.

Matrix Controls

Matticks Industries Inc.

Maxim Silencer

Maximl C E R

Maxitrol Co.

Maxi-Vac Inc.

Maxon Corp.

Maxxon Corp. Infloor Heating Div.

Mayekawa Manufacturing Co. Ltd.

Mayville Engineering Co. Inc.

Mc Nichols Co. Hdqrs.

Mc Quay International Corp.

Mc Tighelndustries

MC2 Engineering Software

MC2 Management Computer Controls Inc.

McAllister & Associates Inc.

McCall Refrigeration

MCG Surge Protection

McGill Air Clean Corp.

McGill Air Flow Corp.

Mclean Engineering.

McQuay International

Measurement Specialties Inc.

MECHdata Inc.

Mee Industries Inc.

Melink Corp.

Messe Frankfurt Inc.

Mestek Inc.

Mestek, Inc

Metal Form Manufacturing Co.


Metal-Fab Inc.

Metallndustries, Inc.

Meter Equipment Manufacturing Inc.

Met-Pro Corp.

Met-Pro Corp.

Metraflex Co.

Metrex Valve Corp.

Metropolitan Pump Co.


MGI Technologies Inc.

MGV Inc.

Micro Works Inc.

Microflame Inc.

Microphor Inc.

Mid-America Fittings Inc.

Midco International Inc.

Midland Metal Manufacturing Co.

Midwesco Services Inc.

MIE Inc.

Mikron Instrument Co. Inc.

Millerleaman Inc.

Milwaukee Electric Tool

Miro Industries Inc.

Mitsubishi Electric, HVAC Division

Mitsubishi Electronic America

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Climate Control

MKS Instruments Inc.


Modus Instruments Inc.

Modutank Inc.

Moeller Electric Corp.

Moli-Tron Co. Inc.

Monitor Products.

Monsen Engineering Co.

Moovin Cool

Most Dependable Fountains Co. Inc.


MPulse Maintenance Software.

MRI Refrigerant Reclaim Ctr.

MSA Instrument

MTH Tool Co.

Mueller Co.

Mueller Steam


Multitherm Corp.


Murdock Inc. Manufacturing Div.

Murphy-Rodgers Inc.

Myron L Co.


Nailor Industries Inc.



Napoleon Fireplaces

NAPPS Technology Corp.

Natgun Corp.

National Academy of Sciences

National Comfort Products

National Refrigerants Inc.

National Technical Systems

National Technology Transfer Inc.

Nautica Dehumidifiers Inc.

Naylor Pipe Co.

Nebraska Boiler Co.

Nederman Inc.

Nelson Heat Tracing Systems.


Neutron Industries.

Neutronics Inc.

New Age Industries Inc.

New Energy Ventures Inc.

New York Blower Co.

Newmac Manufacturing Inc. Head Ofc.

Newport Electronics Inc.

Next Generation Software Inc.

Nicholson Steam Trap

Noble Co.

Norcross Corp.

Nordic Air Inc.


Norgren International

Nor-Lake Inc.

Nortek, Inc.

North American Manufacturing Co.

North Star Ice Equipment Corp.

Northernl Ilinois Gas

Notifact Corp.



Novel Aire Technologies

Nth Degree Software Inc.

Nuaire Inc.

Nutech Energy Systems Inc.

NuTone Inc.

Nyle Corp.


Octagon Air Systems

OCV Control Valves

OEM Products L C

Ogontz Corp.


Olympus America Inc.

Omega Engineering Inc.

Omega Flex

Omegadyne Inc.

Omega-Vanzetti Inc.

Onan Corporation

Onicon Inc.

Onset Computer Corp.

Operating & Maintenance Spec.

Orbeco Analytical Systems Inc.

Orival Inc.


Osram Sylvania Inc.

Outokumpu Copper Franklin Inc.


P A C O Pumps Inc.

P Vllndustries Inc.

Pace Scientific

Pacer Industries.

Pacific Science & Technology Inc.

Packless Industries.


Palmer Instruments Inc.

Palmetto Inc.

Paloma Industries Inc.


Panelbloc Inc.

Parametric Technology Corp.

Paratherm Corp.

Parker Boiler Co.

Parker-Hannifin Corp.

Pate Co.

Patterson Fan Co.

Patterson Pump Co.

Paul Mueller Co.

Paul Mueller Company.

Payne Heating and Cooling

Peachtree Software, Inc.

Peerless Heater Co.

Peerless Lighting

Peerless Pump

Penn Separator Corp.

Penn Ventilation Inc.

Perfectimm Inc.

Perma-Pipe Inc.

Permatron Corp.

Peter Paul Electronics Co. Inc.

Petro Canada

PHD Manufacturing Inc.

Phinney Tool & Die Co. Inc.

Phoenix Controls Corp.

Phonetics Inc.

Piping Technology & Products Inc.

Pittsburgh Corning Corp.

Plast-D-Matic Valves Inc.


PLEXCO Performance Pipe

Plymouth Tube Co.

Pneumatic Products.

Polymeric Systems.


Portals Plus Inc.

Porter-Cable Corp.

Potter Electric Signal Co.


Power Flame Inc.

Power Line Fan Co.

Power Measurement Ltd.

Power Save International Inc.

Power Seal Pipeline Products Corp.

Powermatic Heater

Powers Process Controls.

Precision Boilers LLC

Precision Multiple Controls Inc.

Precision Plumbing Products Inc.

Pres-On Products Inc.

Press Cut Industries.

Price Industries.

Primavera Systems.

Princo Instruments Inc.

Pro Set Systems Inc.

Pro Tech Systems Inc.

Process Development & Control Inc.

Proco Products Inc.

Production Control Units Inc.

Proficient Computing Solutions Corp.

Profit Works

Progeco Tech

Promolux Low U V Merchandising Lamps

Protec Inc.

Protectowire Co. Inc.

Pro-Temp Controls.

Pump Works Inc.

Purafil Inc.

Pure Humidifier Co.

Puroflex Corp.

Purolator Air Filtration.

Pyronics Inc.


Quality Filters Inc.

Quatrosense Environmental Ltd.

Quick Duct Silver Eagle

Quick Pen International


Quote Software Inc.


R G F Environmental Systems

R H H Foam Systems Inc.

R. M. Young Co

R. P. Adams Co. Inc

R.L.M. Benelux

Radiant Technology Inc.

Ramer Products Inc.



Rapid Engineering Inc.

Ray Burner Co.

Raypak Inc.

Raytek Corp.

RBI Water Heaters.

RC Electronics.

RDF Corp.

Reading Body Works Inc.

Real Cold Products

Re-Bath Corp.


Red Valve Co., Inc.

Redec Radiant HVAC Products

Redi Controls Inc.

Red-White Valve Corp.


Reed Manufacturing Co

Refractory Specialties Inc.

Refrigeration Technologies.

Refron Inc

Reftec International, Inc.

Reg O Products

Regallndustries Inc.

Regin HVAC Products, Inc.

Reimers Electra Steam Inc.

Rejuvenation Lamp and Fixture

Reliance Electric

Rental Tools & Equipment Co. Inc.

Research Products Corp.

Retrotec, Inc

Revcor, Inc.

Reversomatic Heating & Mfg. Ltd.

Reznor/Thomas & Betts

Rheem Manufacturing Co. Air Conditioning Div.

Rheem Manufacturing Co. Water Heater Div.

Richards-Zeta Building Intelligence Inc.

Ridge Tool Co.

Riegl U S A

Rinnai America Corp.

Robert Manufacturing Co.

Robinair SPX Corp.


Robur Corp.

Rockwell Automation


Rocky Mountain Reclamation Inc.

Roper Whitney

Ross Cook Inc.

Roth Pump Co.

Rotron Industrial Products

Rotronic Instrument Corp.

Rowald Refrigeration Systems Inc.

R.T. Enterprises, Inc.

RTI Technologies Inc.


Ruffneck Heaters.

Runtal Radiators Div.

Rupplndustries Inc.


Ruskin Co.


Ruud A C Products


S. A. Day Manufacturing Co. Inc.

Saftronics Inc.

Sage Marcom Inc.

Sahara Air Dryers

Santa Barbara Control Systems Inc.

Sauter U S A Setpoint Sys. Corp.

Saylor-Beall Manufacturing Co.

Schaefer Brush Manufacturing Co. Inc.

Schaefer Fan Co.

Schaefer Ventilation Equip.

Schwank ltd.

Scientific Dust.

Scott Manufacturing Inc.

Sea Gull Lighting

Sealed Unit Parts Co. Inc.

Seametrics Inc.

Seatek Co. Inc.

Seelye Craftsmen Co.

Seiho International

Selkirk Inc.

Semco, Inc.

Senercomm Inc.


Sentry E Quipment Corp.

Service Automation Systems. Inc.

Service Solutions.

Servidyne Inc.


Seton Identification Products.

Setra Systems Inc.

Shafer’s Service Systems.

Shortridge Instruments Inc.

Shurtape Technologies Inc.

Siemens Building Technologies

Siemens Energy & Automation Inc.

Siemens-Furnas Controls.

Sierra Monitor Corp.

Simson Electric Co.

Simutech Systems. Inc.

Sioux Chief Manufacturing Co. Inc.

Sirius Software, Inc.

Skuttle Manufacturing Co.

Sloan Valve Co.

Sly Inc.

Smart Tool Technologies

Smith & Loveless Inc.

Smith Fiberglass Products Co.

Solar Turbines Inc.

Solaronics Inc.

Solon Manufacturing Co.

Sonitec Inc.

Sound Seal Div.

Space Ray

Sparco Inc.

Spartan Manufacturing Corp.

Spears Manufacturing Co.

SpecTech LLC

Spectronics Corp.

Spence Engineering Co. Inc.

Spencer Turbine Co.

Spiral Manufacturing Co. Inc.

Sporlan Valve Co.

Spraying Systems Co.

Sprinkool Sys.

Sprinkool Systems International Inc.

Spruce Environmental Technologies Inc.



Staclean Diffuser Co.


Staefa Control System Inc.

Stafford Manufacturing Corp.


Standard Refrigeration Co.

Staplex Co.

Steel Forgings Inc.

Steelcraft Corp.

Steril-Aire U S A Inc.

Sterling Fluid Sys. Gp.

Sterling Steam Control.

Sternvent Co. Inc.

Stock Cap

Strahman Valves Inc.

Strobic Air Corp.

Studor, Inc.

Stulz of North America Inc.


Summit Technology.

Suncourt Inc.

Sunstar Heating Products Inc.

Suntec Ind. Inc.

Superior Boiler Works Inc.

Superior Fireplace Hearth Products Inc.

Superior Radiant Products ltd.

Superior Signal Co. Inc.

Superior Water Conditioners.

Sussman Electric Boilers.

SVF Flow Controls

Swagelok Co.

Symmons Industries Inc.

Syncro Flo Inc.

Syntex Rubber Corp.

System Sensor

Systems Controls & Instruments.

Systems Online, Inc.



T E C O-Westinghouse Motor Co.

T R I A T E K Inc.

T& S Brass & Bronze Works Inc.

Taco Inc.

Taracorp Industries.

Taylor Environmentallnstr.

Taylor Precision Products

TCI Products

TCS/Basys Controls.

TEAC America

Team Management Systems, Inc.


Tecumseh Products Co.


Tekmar Control Systems Ltd.


Telatemp Corp.

Teledyne Analyticallnstruments

Teletro I Systems Inc


Tel-Tru Manufacturing Co.

Temco Controls.

Tempco Electric Heater Corp.

Tempstar, International Comfort Products Corp.

Temtrol, C E S Group Inc.

Testo Inc



Thermal Analysis Systems Co.

Thermal Energy Transfer Corp.

Thermal Fluid Systems Inc.

Thermal Gas Systems Inc.


Therma-Stor Products.

Thermo Mfg

Thermo Power Corp.

Thermo Products Inc.

Thermo Tech

Thermo-Cycler Industries Inc.

Thermo-Dyamics Boiler Co.


Thermotion Corp.

Thermox Instruments

Thomas & Betts

Thomas C. Wilson Inc.

Thomas Industries Inc.

Thomas Lighting

Thomason Mechanical Corp.

Thor Technology Corp.

Thybar Corp.

TIF Instruments Inc.

Tile Redi Inc.

Time Mark Corp.


Titeflex Corp.


Tjernlund Products Inc.

TLV Corp.

Topog-E Gasket Co.

Topp Construction Services Inc.

Topp Portable Air

Torit Products Donaldson Co. Inc.

Toto U S A Inc.

Tower Tech Inc.

Tower-Flo Water Filter Sys.

Toxalert Inc.

Trane Company


Tranter P H E Inc.

Trent Metals Ltd.

Triad Boiler Systems Inc.

Triangle Tube

Trible’s Inc.

Trico Air Systems Inc.

Tridan Tool and Machine

Trim-Lok Inc.

Trion Inc.

Triumphe Leasing Network.


Trox U S A Inc.

Truebro Inc.

TSI Inc.

TURCK Special Products.

Tuthill Corp. Tuthill Pump Group.

Tuthill Energy Systems

Tuthill Pneumatics Group Tuthill Corp.

Tuttle & Bailey

Twin City Fan & Blower

Tyco Electronics Potter & Brumfield

Tyco International Ltd. Star Sprinkler Inc.

Tyler Pipe Co.


U S A Coil & Air Inc.

U S Drives Inc.

U. S. Brass Qest Hydronics Div.

U. S. Filter/Wallace & Tiernan

UCAR Carbon Co. Inc.

UE Systems Inc.

Uehlinglnstrument Co.

UEI (Universal Enterprises Inc.) Kane-May



Union Carbide Corp.

Unique Automation Solutions LLC

United Air Specialists Inc.

United Dominion

United Electric Controls Co.

United Enertech Corp.

United Process Inc.

United Refrigeration Inc.

United States Filter Corp.

Universal Air Filter Co.

Universal Rundle

Universal Silencer

Uniweld Products Inc.

Urecon Systems Inc.



Vac System Industries.

Vacuum Research Corp.

Vacuum Technology Inc.

Vaisala Inc.

Val-Matic Valve and Manufacturing Corp.


Valvcon Corp.

Van Air Systems Inc.

Van Til Mechanical Fabricating Inc.

Vanguard Plastics Inc.

Vanton Pump & Equipment Corp.

Veeder-Root Co.

Velan Valve Corp.

Venmar Ventilation Inc.

Vent Products Co. Inc.

Ventaire Inc.

Ventrol, C E S Group Inc.

Veris Inc.

Vertical Market Software.

Vibration Isolation

Vibration Mountings & Controls Inc.


Viconics Electronics Inc.

Victaulic Co. of America.

Video-Aire International

Viking Corp.

Viking Pump Inc.

Vilter Manufacturing Corp.

Vimasco Corp.

VISA Lighting

Visuallnspection Technologies Inc.


W. J. Ruscoe Co.

W. W. Grainger Inc.

Walton Co

Ward Manufacturing

Warren Controls Corp.

Warren Electric Corp.

Warren Technology

Water Specialties



Watson McDaniel

Watt Stopper

Waukesha Engine

WD-40 Co.

Webco, CES Group Inc.

Webster Engineering &

Weed Instrument Co. Inc.


WeiI Pump Co. Inc.


Wellman Thermal Systems Corp.

Wenn/Soft L L C

Wessels Co.

Westair Industries Inc.

Whalen Co.

Whaley Products Inc.


Williams & Davis Boilers Inc.

Williams Furnace Co.

Win Estimator

Winland Electronics Inc.

Winter’s Thermogauges Inc.


Wm. W. Meyer & Sons Inc.

Worthington Cylinder Corp.

Wrightsoft Corp.


XCI Corp.

Xerxes Corp.

Xomox Corp.


Y/P Products

Yazaki Energy Systems Inc.

Yokogawa Corp. of America.

York Energy Conservation

York International

Young Environmental Systems.

Young Regulator Co.


Z R C Worldwide

Zamil Air Conditioners

Zellweger Analytics

Zero Corp.

Z-Flex U. S. Inc

Zoeller Co.

ZSl Inc.

Zurn Wilkins Operation